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Website Hosting

Your website hosting plays a major role in the performance and speed of your website. We host your website with leading providers to deliver your users the best experience.

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genysys engine AI buitl and optimised websites

Partnered With Genysys Engine

Creating a professional website has never been easier for your business. We are partnered with Genysys Engine to provide you 10% of their monthly website plans. Their websites are built, optimised and grown by their AI engine to deliver the best performance and results for your business.

Email Hosting

Email is a vital communication tool within your business and externally. Hydrus Enterprises will host, install and manage your email accounts so you never miss an email.

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Website Hosting

80% of website traffic comes from search engines.

Website Speed

Hosting Affects Your Google Ranking

Poor website hosting can affect where your website is placed on Google's search index. Google wants websites that are usually friendly and a major factor for this, is speed and how your website loads. Websites hosted with Hydrus Enterprises have the quickest possible load times.

Benefits Of Hosted Services

Your website and email are vital tools for your business and when they go down, you are losing revenue.

Happy Employees

Employees get frustrated when they cant access their emails. Hosting your email with Hydrus Enterprises allows us to identify the issue quickly so they can get back in.

Easy Setup

Most team members do not know how to set up emails on their desktop and phone. With email hosting we will install your email accounts across devices to ensure

Positive User Experience

You website hosting plays a major role in how your website loads for the user. Hosting your website with Hydrus Enterprises gives your website the best user experience.


Hosting your email with Hydrus Enterprises allows us to set your up business email addresses with branded email signatures, rather than using gmail.

Faster Websites

Where your host your website plays and important role on your website speed. We host it with leading providers for the best load times.

Company Compliant

We make sure your email and website are compliant with policies and guidelines.

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